• Hi,

    another question regarding ZOOM.

    I made a patch to switch between different camera watchers and video sources and stream it to zoom via Spout (windows PC!).

    Is it possible to do the same with audio? And how?

    Thanks, rené

  • In this case I would use a virtual audio cable, of which there are many offerings in windows. VB-Audio Software makes a good one (free). Depending on the complexity of my setup, I sometimes solve this simply by having Isadora play to the system master output, which is my VB audio cable, and have my other software directly address my headphones or speakers because Zoom and vMix can select audio outputs whereas it is sometimes more cumbersome to do that in Isadora on windows, if it's even possible at all in a given situation. The other end of the virtual audio cable can plug into Zoom as an input or into vMix / OBS if needed.

  • @liminal_andy

    thank you. I cannot try it out directly right now, because the PC is stationed in an isntallation space. Just to understand you right, VB is acutally something like "soundflower" on Mac? So I route all outgoing sound of isadora to that, and use it as input in Zoom? That way I wouldn't be able to hear the sound myself on my speakers, right?