Simple question - seeing touchosc as midi, no notes

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    I just have a simple question and most likely I just overlooked something. I hooked up my iPad to Isadora via TouchOCS Bridge and use Touch OSC on it. However when I touch surface I can see play button on midi, but when I open up TouchOSC communication window, even with autodetect I am not getting anything. Essentially I just need trigger - on and off for remotely going back and forth between, nothing complicated, but I can not figure out what I do wrong even after looking at tutorial. 

    I looked at the monitor window and I can see the notes. I can see Midi notes, but does not OSC summaries, if I understood it correctly in tutorial. 

    Thank you for advice in advance. 

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  • @em_tx

    What if you disable the TouchOSC Bridge in TouchOSC? Maybe it's an either/or thing: either OSC or MIDI, but not both?

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    @em_tx said:

    TouchOCS Bridge

     From what I understand of TouchOSC Bridge, TouchOSC sends MIDI over the network (maybe using OSC or UDP) to the computer running TouchOSC Bridge, and Bridge forwards these Midi messages via virtual Midi ports it installs. So the whole process is done without OSC, it is a wireless MIDI setup, receiving MIDI means you have it working.