Hd input video on usb

  • ciao  i have some problem to set isadora whit  an input hd  by  a document camera ziggy ipoevo hd ,  isa run only in dv mode 720x 576, when i change  the input set up isa crash .....

    i like to set input video fro live video , i take some frame  for make a  animation , 
    the program write 
    plug in out of memory
    the actor (caption!=0) ran out of memory 
    select this icon in the finder , and chose  file > get info > memory 
    to allocate  more memory 
    but i cant do this .... i dont found this set 
    the strange thinks is that in live input set up  the preview run in hd 
    the camera is hd and full HD  whit a lot  of definition 
    yuo have some information for set  isa ?
    i have  a mac whit  dual core 2,4  and 8 giga of ram 
    sorry  for my bad english 

  • Tech Staff


    What Isadora and Mac OS X version are you using?


  • yeah thank yuo   for  the answer

    ok i use 1.3.0f24 not register  but  i dont think that  this  have influence or not ?

  • and sorry mac os snow leopard

  • this is a demo of my work


  • Tech Staff


    register or not does not make any difference. But try the newest pre-release HERE.


  • thank i try

  • no crash again

    i like  to see  where i can use this menu 
    select this icon of isa  in the finder , and chose  file > get info > memory 
    for give more memory at the 
    plug in out of memory
    the actor (caption!=0) ran out of memory 
    yuo have somme ideas 

  • Tech Staff

    Does Isadora work when the camera and live feed is not turned on?

  • Saul,

    I've sent you a private email to instructing you on how to send me the crash reports so I can investigate.
    Best Wishes,

  • for skulture

    yes  isa run  .... is only   when i change  the resolution that crash ....  some time  is difficult  return to set at the dv  720x576 , if i try  to  set 1280 x720  ok is normal crash ... ok   but is difficult some time  re set  al 720 like  a bad memory 

  • the  new beta version of isadora  run very good     for  input  in hd


  • is  a 1.3.1f06  version

  • Tech Staff

    Sounds like this is solved by using the latest version. All ok now?

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