• Hi - I'm having problems playing a movie in "Palindrome mode". The movie is encoded on a mac in Hap format and 27 sec. long plays fine but can´t run in Palindrome. The strange thing is that I have another movie, but only 7 sec. long also in Hap format but with alpha and it runs just fine in "Palindrome mode". Then I tried to encode the "long" movie to Hap alpha but it didn't work. 

    Any ideas ? 

  • Tech Staff


    This is a known issue that is being worked on (Windows movie playback is getting a big update).

    With that said, I have found that it is more reliable with AVI container Hap video on Windows than with MOV.

    I would use Shutter Encoder to 'rewrap' your MOV hap to AVI. You should be able to batch process any MOV hap files directly into AVI files.

    Note: my tests show AVI work rather well, but you may still run into issues if you are interactively switching movies or using non default play start/length settings.