• Hello,

    I am having huge issue with overload when working in new izzy version 3.0.8 - I have fairly not complicated scenes, and my overload goes to 150% and when recording the stages it goes to 250%. My Mac laptop works really hard and fans kicks in. 

    FPS does go beyond 30.5 

    I would appreciate some advice on how to tackle this, since having v3. I had not problem with v2. 

    I am working on MAC Sierra 10.12.6 / 2.9Ghz intern core i7 (graphics Intel HD 4000 1536 MB)

    Thank you.


  • Tech Staff


    Hi there Lucie, 

    Without knowing your scenes it is quite tough for us to help you out / give advice about the matter.

    Movie files in a wrong codec, too much video effects (old video effects are a def. botleneck for performance since it has to convert the image from GPU to CPU), Text drawing that is intensive could also hurt performance.

    Please open a support ticket at and let our technical team know what you are building / share some material with them. They will be able to help you out!


    - Juriaan

  • This thread might help you: https://community.troikatronix...

    Especially @DusX comment about load: "LOAD is a measure of how much time is being used to process each frame, based on the target frame rate. It is NOT a measure of your system resource usage. In Isadora it is most important to know if the scene can process at the selected framerate, LOAD provides that, a measure of 100% means that calculating/rendering the frame is taking all the time available between each frames delivery. This will lead to dropped frames."

    On my system, the load is often above 100% and it doesn't create a problem until it gets up to 10 times that!