Live Capture Setting in new MacBook Air OS10.8.4

  • Hi,

    Just got a new MacBook Air, it has OS 10.8.4.  I tried but failed to see FaceTime camera in Live Capture Setting in both the stable version (1.3.0f24) and the beta (1.3.1).  Am I missing something?  I use to getting iSight in my MacBook Pro (OS10.8.2).  Please help.  Thanks.


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    Have you got the Isadora Core Video upgrade?

    *sometimes* the quartz files can hijack the camera before Isadora has the chance to see it.

  • I believe so but not 100%sure.  How can I find out?

  • I see Core Video when Isadora is starting.  So I have Core Video upgrade.  Right?  What should I do to stop quartz from hijacking the camera?

  • It calls

  • Regarding your comment:

    _"I see Core Video when Isadora is starting.  So I have Core Video upgrade.  Right?"_
    Please see this [knowledge base article](
    If you _do_ in fact have the core upgrade, there have been cases with older versions of Isadora that some Quartz Composer plugins "take over" the camera as Isadora loads. To see if this is the problem, you need to **disable** all the QC plugins by unchecking all the boxes under  "Quartz Composer Load Options." Then quit and restart Isadora to see if the camera appears.
    Best Wishes,

  • Where do I find {Quartz Composer Load Options:?

  • Isadora Preferences > Video > Quartz Composer Load Options

  • Hi Mark,

    I disabled all the QC plugins but still no camera.  I tried with 1.3.1 as well as 1.3.0f24.  :(

  • Try deleting the preferences. Instructions are here:

    Also you must ensure that any apps that might take control of the camera (iChatAV, Skype, Photo Booth, etc.) are closed. Only one app can use the camera at the same time.
    Best Wishes,

  • Well, deleted Isadora preferences, but camera.

  • Would this just a problem for MacBook Air (11")?

    MacBook Air (Mid 2013):  FaceTime HD Camera may not work with some applications

  • Tried with other cameras (webcam & an old Panasonic DV camera), no problem.  So it's just a problem with FaceTime HD Camera in MBA!

  • Weird. I'll need to keep looking into this. I'm sorry for the problem. (Please file a bug report by following the instructions at this link to ensure I keep track of this.)

    P.S. Does anyone else with a Mac Book Air have this problem?
    Best Wishes,

  • Thanks Mark.  I've filed a bug report.

  • Yes, I have the same problem. I just got a new MacBook Air 13", "mid 2013", 1,3Ghz i5. FaceTime HD Camera:
    Modell-ID:    Apple Camera VendorID_0x106B ProductID_0x1570

    The facetime-Camera is not showing in Isadora, tried erasing the prefs, restarting, turning off QC. Using isadora core 1.3.0f24 AND 1.3.1f06 (btw great release!)


  • Tech Staff

    I have had this problem for years.

    It's been quite stable on my latest machine but i've found my iSight has dropped in and out of my Live Capture list since about 2008.
    I am positive it's not an Isadora issue. I think its some crazy Quicktime thing. 

  • i have recently upgraded to a new 15" MBP retina - and i cannot access the isight from live capture settings. scanning for new devices even caused a crash. isight is available to photobooth, i haven't put anything else on there yet that i could use to test with.

    (latest izzy pre-release, btw)

  • Tech Staff

    Do you have Quartz Files?

  • i disabled the quartz files loading, rebooted. still no isight. i plugged in my Canopus - and that's fine, just no sign of the isight....


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