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    Hey All

    I am working with the GLSL Shader actor. I've created a shader and want to push my floating variables to the Actor for interaction in the Patch. This sample code wont compile and I get a syntax error for Isadora_Float_Param which I believe didn't happen in Isadora 2?


    As well some of the code won't compile in tutorial as there are some typos.... extra characters like ")"which you have to fix to compile 

    As a Sanity check I ran this code from the tutorial and get the Float Param error. I am running 3.0.8f12

    When commented out the syntax error resolves and the code runs. 

    Does anyone else get an error? This is with all sample code in the tutorial 

    ISADORA_FLOAT_PARAM(red_color, red, 0.0, 1.0, 1.0, "Amount of red in the output color.");
    // ISADORA_FLOAT_PARAM(green_color, gren, 0.0, 1.0, 1.0, "Amount of green in the output color.");
    // ISADORA_FLOAT_PARAM(blue_color, blue, 0.0, 1.0, 1.0, "Amount of blue in the output color.");

    uniform float red_color;// note: must match first parameter of ISADORA_FLOAT_PARAM
    uniform float green_color;// note: must match first parameter of ISADORA_FLOAT_PARAM
    uniform float blue_color;// note: must match first parameter of ISADORA_FLOAT_PARAM

    void main(void) {

       // vec4 is contains four floating point values; it is
       // often used to represent the red, green blue and alpha
       // channel components of a color. Here we create a color
       // using the red, green and blue uniform variables with
       // full (1.0) alpha. We assign this to a vec4 called c0.

       vec4 c0 = vec4(red_color, green_color, blue_color, 1.0);

       // gl_FragColor is a predefined variable that receives the color
       // output of the shader. By setting gl_FragColor to the values
       // contained in c0, the output color will be controlled by the
       // three uniform inputs.

       gl_FragColor = c0;


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    The issue was Solved. ISADORA_FLOAT_PARAM needs to be commented out for Isadora to recognize. 

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    Hi there Bob, 

    It seems you already figured out the issue. Let us know how it happened. The article that you link has the correct code snippet?

    Anyhow, I mark this question as Answered.

    - Juriaan