• I'd like to ask about another problem that I've been having. I have no idea if it's related to the problem discussed here: http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/discussion/774/unable-to-start-isadora-with-non-pete-free-frame-plug-ins#Item_20

    I made a user actor that should allow me to set the zoom of a live input a specific way once and then have it uniformly change in each scene where it's used when I set the first scene for the show. The extra inputs are just in case I need a custom adjustment in a particular scene. Easy, right?

    For some reason it doesn't work. Picture 1 shows the output from the video mixer is working just fine; picture 2 shows that nothing is coming out of the user actor itself;  picture shows the inside of the user actor.

    I've also attached the UA itself.

    I've restarted Isadora, restarted the machine and deletes the Isadora preferences - no change.

    Sometimes the IUA's that I make work and sometimes they don't. This doesn't obviously, but in the same scene I a much more complicated one that I made (I made it in the same session, too) that works just fine.

    Any thoughts?


    1d6756-zoom-uia1.png cb212f-zoom-uia2.png cda3ce-zoom-uia3.png 879938-zoom-iua.iua

  • Well in your pictures the horizontal and vertical zoom are set to zero, which means that there is effectively no video coming through.  When I adjust these to a non-zero value I get the video coming through as I would expect it to.


  • Oh for goodness sakes, I'm such an idiot sometimes.....

    Thank you Craig.