Multiple projectors and live cameras

  • Marc,
    Thanks! I will check the CPU to see how much power I have.
    What would you consider High Resolution? 640x480 used to be high resolution but not anymore.
    I contacted the company who makes the Active Silicon LFG-4, waiting for a quote.
    Thanks for the support,

    Thanks a lot.
    In your opinion and experience, should I be better off using the Active Silicon LFG-4 with the CCTV cameras?
    I appreciate your feebacks,

  • I am attempting to set up a system with 4 cameras in and 3 projectors out and am now looking in this direction because of budget.

    LFG-4 in an Sonnet PCIe thunderbolt expansion enclosure so that it can be used with a laptop. 
    Anyone tried this setup with the LFG-4 running external?
    If you have some cash to spare...
    There is also the black magic decklink which accepts 4 x SDI inputs gracefully. 
    or there is a Gigabit camera option, routing them through a 4+ port Intel NIC, which may be cheaper. 
    Skulpture - have you any recommendation on CCTV's with interchange-able lenses? 
  • Izzy Guru


    I don't own any internal (or external) capture devices i'm afraid. I have only used the Blackmagic Quad a few times on show machines but not had access to the LFG-4 so I can't really comment. I know few users have used it in the past but I am not sure about the latest OS, etc.
    As for CCTV cameras I didnt know you could get them with interchangable lenses if I am honest. I've just used basic colour ones with BNC out. I used them mostly for IR tracking so as long as it had a manual focus I was happy.
    I will have a nosey online and try and find a few good ones.

  • One note on the LFG-4: I think they no do not support Windows 64 bit -- make sure to check with Active Silicon if you intend to work with the LFG-4 under Windows.


  • Mark & Skulpture
    I just got a quote from active Silicon - $850 for the LFG-4.
    I have contacted my IT department and working on getting a Mac pro quad core.
    One question from them:
    "Could you ask Mark if Isadora will recognize cameras that are inputted into the computer with an "AJA Kona" video capture card". That would alleviate the expense for the LFG-4 since we already have the AJA kona hardware.

  • Beta Tester

    Im pretty sure that the AJA Kona line doesn't support four simultaneous inputs like the LFG and BM products do.

  • Thanks Mathew,
    I'll check with the IT people since I never seen the hardware.

  • Izzy Guru

    I have a feeling MatthewH is right. I have heard of the name but have never read or seen anyone using them in the VJ or theatre/dance/interactive scene - this is probably the reason why.

  • Dear vbosseau,

    I have no idea about the AJA Kona. Maybe you should write them and ask if QT Player can capture from it. If it can, then it should work with Isadora. If not, then it most definitely won't.
    Best Wishes,

  • I will look into it, and let you know what I find.