Not seeing 1080p 30 as an option when using Blackmagic Decklink Mini Recorder

  • Hello,

    I have a [Blackmagic Decklink Mini Recorder]( (HD-SDI) in an external TB-to-PCIe enclosure and am trying to get a certain resolution and frame rate into isadora but it does not appear to make the framerate I need available as an option. Im am trying to use 1080p 30 as the input resolution and framerate. I do have that option in the Blackmagic Media Express software and I see the signal there. I also see that option and see the signal into Qlab 3, also at 1080p 30\. I see the signal in Isadora if I reduce the cameras framerate and resolution to 720p 60 and then switch Isadora to that option. The only 180p framerates that are listed a are 23.97, and 24\. Is there any special trick to getting the 1080p 30 option to appear in Isadora. 
    Im on version 1.3.0f24, on a macbook pro retina.  
    Does any one have any experience with this or any of the other Decklink Models and 1080p 30 video input?

  • Tech Staff

    Did you get this sorted?

  • Hi Graham,

    Thanks for following up. 
    Actually, no. I still have not got this sorted. 
    Fred posted a workaround in another topic about this for me ([Missing 1080p30 option...]( using a syphon stream but honestly, I havent tested it yet. I would still prefer just to have the option of 1080p 30 in Isadora if possible (eliminating the need for other software and other potential points of failure). Qlab 3 and Blackmagic Media Express both see 1080p30 fine as an option so I dont think it is a QT or hardware problem. 
    Got any advice? 

  • Tech Staff

    It sure can be a QuickTime problem. Do you have the option 1080p30 in QuickTime itself?


  • I have just seen a video review of the device that talked about updating the firmware in the device to get all the resolution options that should be available ( , also be sure you have the most recent drivers installed.

  • Check this thread
    If you really need it and think it is worth the overhead I can make a 1080p blackmagic to syphon app to bridge the gap, firmware update will not get you anywhere.


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