Isadora 1.3.1f06 Pre-Release Available

  • Hello All,

    Today I've put up 1.3.1f06\. This has a few bug fixes, namely:
    • You can again shift-click multiple links between actors. (This behavior was normal in 1.3.0f24 but a bug was introduced in one of the pre-release versions that prevented selecting multiple links.) (ID=1370)
    • When playing a sound using the Sound Player actor on a specific channel, and starting a second Sound Player actor on the same channel, the current sound stops and the new sound starts. (This fixes a bug introduced in a pre-release version after 1.3.0f24.) (ID=1371)
    • Isadora no longer throws an assertion error when at startup when a FreeFrame plugin does not provide the correct respond to the FF_GETPLUGINCAPS message. This was causing problems when loading some FreeFrame plugins. (ID=1372)
    • On Windows, Isadora no longer a throws an assertion error when dragging scenes due to the fact that the “closed-hand” cursor was missing. (ID=1373)
    • On Mac OS X, Changed the order of initialization so that the Video Capture Settings are initialized before loading the Quartz Composer plugins. This will prevent QC from “stealing” the video input from Isadora if there is a plugin that requires it. (ID=1360)
    You can download the latest at:
    Enjoy and let me know how she behaves for you.

    Best Wishes,