Midi file to play note on watcher

  • How do I patch the midi out from a midi file i am playing in the midi player into the note on watcher? So that when 'it hears a specific pitch' it will start to player video clip?

    Is there an auto mapping tool to map an 88 note keyboard to 88 clips. I am worried about embarking on such a wiring exercise with a electricians certificate and a whole roll of solder!

  • Dear Skipzone,

    Depends if you are on Mac or PC. On the Mac, in the MIDI Setup window, set both input and output to the Isadora Virtual Output. (I know that's not so intuitive... but it works.) On the PC, you'll need to install [MIDI OX](http://www.midiox.com/) to be able to perform this kind of virtual routing.
    Best Wishes,

  • How do I link the Midi player to the Note On Watcher? It doesn't let me connect any wires. Is there a monitor for the midi output from the Midi Player; so that I can see what notes it is actually playing? The lower bar just goes green and I can see the timeline scrolling.

    very interesting software.
    - Pete

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  • Is there an auto mapping tool to map an 88 note keyboard to 88 clips?

  • Izzy Guru

    You cant directly link the MIDI player to the Note on Watcher. The Note on Watcher looks for live/real time MIDI coming into isadora (such as a MIDI keyboard/MIDI drum kit or DJ/VJ MIDI controller) 

    There is no auto mapping tool - isadora is a 'start from blank' software. But once you've done it once you can save it and copy and paste. I think you are looking for a 'MIDI learn' which some users (including myself) have created.
    You can find that here:
  • Izzy Guru

    Note: The above is a 'user actor' you can learn about them here:


  • Dear Pete,

    Please look again at my first response. There is no way to directly link the output of the Midi Player into the Note On Watcher. But I'll try to be super explicit:

    For Mac OS X, do the following:

    1. Go to Communications menu and choose Midi Setup...
    2. In the top left pop-up menu (Port 1, Input, choose Isadora Virtual Out
    3. In the top right pop-up menu (Port 1, Output) choose Isadora Virtual Out
    4. Now if you put a Midi Player and a Note On watcher into the scene, and then start playing the MIDI file, the notes will be sent through the MIDI system of Mac OS X. It will go out of Isadora, and then right back in. In this way, the Note On watcher will see each note coming from the MIDI Player actor.

    So, a little roundabout. But it will work.

    As far as an "auto-mapping" feature, it sounds like you need to take a look at the MIDI tutorials


    and this


    Best Wishes,