• Beta Tester

    Running into a problem after 4 days of tech and not sure what has changed or why this is happening.

    Running a RP screen with content (1024x768) and sending a feed via SDI to a BlackMagic Deck Link (1080i 50).  This all gets sent to a Barco (1920x902).
    We are seeing scanning in the camera suddenly, and can't seem to change the projector to a 50Hz PAL scan rate, and changing frame and send rates on the camera doesn't seem to change anything.  
    Anyone have any ideas how to get this image to be clean without scanlines?

  • Dear Jake,

    I'm a little confused by a your description. Is this it:
    1) Rear projection screen (with an actor in front?) is being fed 1024x768 material. This projector is set to something other than 50 Hz.
    2) Camera running a 50Hz is point at RP screen. Output of camera is fed into Blackmagic, then into Isadora (?) which then displays image on Barco (1920x902) running at 50 Hz. (?)
    3) You see scan lines in the image seen on the Barco output.
    Please confirm if this is right. If not, please post a more detailed description of the chain of devices.