Isadora and Black Magic Design Intensity Shuttle

  • Hello Izzy forum users,

    I am just entering the world of Isadora (imminent purchase with video core upgrade) and could do with some advice.

    I have a project coming up which requires me to capture a live feed (from DSLR) and mix it with some prerecorded footage. I'm hoping to achieve this with Isadora; I believe I need to use the Chroma Key actor for this task as the live feed is a green screen. I wish to display the resulting footage, generated in Isadora via a projector.

    I am using an early 2011 Macbook Pro 15" 2Ghz Intel Core i7 with 8 gig of RAM and an AMD graphics card with 256 MB of VRAM.

    I have been looking at the Black Magic Design Intensity Shuttle capture card for this purpose. As my Mac doesn't have USB 3 I will need to purchase the Thunderbolt version.

    My first question is can I output the mixed footage from Izzy via the Intensity Shuttle's HDMI output port to a HDMI compatible screen or projector, or is this HDMI output just a monitor feed of the HDMI input? I ask this question because as the Intensity Shuttle will be using the one and only Thunderbolt port on my Mac there is no other output option.

    My second question is, assuming the Intensity Shuttle's HDMI output can be used to display Izzy's output has any one else done anything similar? Does it sound feasible? If any members have any advice on the subject I would be very grateful.

    Best wishes Paz

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    No it's one or the other I believe. You can't use the input and output at the same time - it may be a direct through for monitoring. I'm afraid you're a little bit stuck unless any others have some suggestions?

    You may have to use a USB or Firewire capture device; but the results will not be as good as HDMI via DSLR.
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    As far as I know the HDMI output ist just a monitor feed of the HDMI input. What you need is something like THIS, but unfortunately its not out yet.


  • It seems VDMX can use my Intensity shuttle USB3.0 HDMI output. But I didn't tried it yet.
    And it seems I can use In and out at the same time (still in VDMX)

    Best Philippe

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    I'd be really interested to see if that's the case @fifou 

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    "Note that Blackmagic boxes that come with matching input and output ports such as the Intensity Extreme can only operate in send OR receive mode, not both at the same time. When an input signal is being received the matching output becomes an automatic hardware pass-thru."


  • Hey Many thanks for your quick responses. The Caldigit Thunderbolt station looks interesting - is this similar to the designs that Belkin and Matrox have recently introduced?

    This is obviously going to be more difficult than I had initially thought. Having read some similar posts on this forum, I know several of you have purchased the BMD Intensity Shuttle USB3 edition. Does this allow you to capture live video via the HDMI input and then output the resulting image via Isadora from the Mac's Thunderbolt port?
    Thanks for your help and advice.
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    If this is the same spec as your mac then you do not have USB 3.0 and the BMD Intensity Shuttle USB3 will not work i'm afraid.

    This is a USB 2.0 option -
    The quality will be good but not amazing... it would free up your thunderbolt for an output though.
    The only other option is a firewire capture card.
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    _The Caldigit Thunderbolt station looks interesting - is this similar to the designs that Belkin and Matrox have recently introduced?_Yes its similar, but next to the two thunderbolt connections it also has an HDMI out.


  • The larger thunderbolt blackmagic box (UltraStudio 4K) with desktop video 10 drivers now feature full duplex, ie simultaneous capture and recording. I dont have a unit and therefore cannot test it with Isadora but according to the new spec it should work. It is a more expensive capture box but with 4k you are seriously future proof and then have genlocked output and simultaneous input. It is also a rackmount unit with no breakout cables and a preview screen so it is quite handy.
    Here is the press release

    New Desktop Video 10 Update

    Lastly, we are announcing Desktop Video 10 at IBC and this is a major software update for the UltraStudio 4K and DeckLink 4K Extreme capture and playback models.

    With this new software update, these models get lots of new features but the most dramatic one is simultaneous capture and playback. At IBC we are going to show this working with DaVinci Resolve 10 and UltraStudio 4K where we will show live capture, color grading and then output live on the single UltraStudio 4K.

    This update is a lot more than just simultaneous capture and playback and after 11 years of shipping thousands of capture and playback products for Mac, Windows and Linux, it was time to redesign the firmware and drivers to allow a new generation of features and performance.

    This new architecture has been designed from the ground up to be optimized for high speed Thunderbolt and PCIe computers and the new emerging Ultra HD television formats that require massive data speeds to support. This new design has also been driven by the needs of high end DaVinci Resolve customers who are working on high end feature films.

    The new design replaces the entire driver set and internal processing in the UltraStudio 4K and DeckLink 4K Extreme models. This change is a purely modern design that allows exciting features such as capture and playback at the same time and in different video formats. The new design features almost zero latency, depending on the host computer for the highest performance Direct GPU support.

    Possible another solution for those with a single thunderbolt port.


  • Won't the ultra studio express also do this? It's half the cost of the 4k and has both an HDMI input and output.

  • Hi guys,
    I've been running some tests with blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB3.0
    And... NO it is not possible to capture video and output a stage at the same time with the intensity hardware with VDMX.
    But YES, you can output anything you want from VDMX to the intensity hardware output.
    When you capture a video stream, the output of the intensity shuttle is a copy of the input...


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    Thanks for checking @fifou 

  • @Rick, no they all have output and input but full duplex requires different hardware as it says very clearly in the press release it is only for the 4k models.

  • Many thanks for your comments and recommendations. The BMD Ultra Studio 4K looks great but out of my price range although with a great feature set.

    I think it will be cheaper to buy either the Belkin or Caldigit thunderbolt expansion + BMD Intensity Shuttle USB3\. alternatively purchase the Isadora USB dongle + BMD Intensity Shuttle USB3 and hire a Mac with USB3 ports for the project.
    Great forum by the way!
    Thanks again Paz
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    Anyone did a test with captured video via blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB3.0 into izzy and output the video to the matrox triple head via thunderbold? I got an email from blackmagic that it should work, just wanted to know if anyone had done some tests. I´m on a macbook pro mid 2012.

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    @[fifou](  and @[jgastonraoul]( said they got it working on this post @[feinsinn](

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    Ah, ok. So I´ll give it a try.

  • Hi,
    Intensity shuttle pro USB3.0 works on osx 10.8.5 with izzy.
    Matrox tripplehead 2Go DP works on my mac but didn't tried it yet with izzy.
    I will test the two cards together soon..


  • Izzy Guru

    The Matrox will work. I can't see why using both products at the same time would hinder the process. As long as your machine is fast enough, you have a SSD for media and the patch isn't super crazy with tons of blur and effects - I am quite confident it will be ok.