4 channels audio input

  • Hi there!
    I am trying to use my audio card ([]( to have 4 independent audio inputs in isadora
    In "live captures settings" I see the device, but there is no option to have the 4 channels going in.
    I attach an image of the visible options.
    Does Isadora support more than a stereo input?


  • no one?


  • Tech Staff

    Sorry not seen this until now for some reason. Does it show all 4 inputs in all other software?

  • Daeer Camilozk,

    I'm very sorry I didn't answer this question sooner.
    Unfortunately under Windows Isadora does not support more than stereo inputs. However, if you have a mutli-channel device, it may appear as pairs of separate stereo channels. Quicktime used to take in the multi-channel audio, but they dropped support for it at some point. That means I need to change the underlying code and, under Windows, this is a major undertaking. So I'm afraid, for now, I can't offer any good solutions.
    Best Wishes,

  • Tech Staff

    i found that in the old forum, but its for multiple outputsĀ

  • It's the same for input and output I'm afraid.

    -- M

  • ok. it doesnt appear as a pair of stereos... so, 2 channles will be for now...

    Nice week!


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