Can Isadora do photoshop-style "Nearest Neighbor" interpolation?

  • In photoshop I could open, for example, a nintendo sized image of mario, only a few pixels high. I can then scale this up to any huge size using 'nearest neighbor' interpolation, and instead of blurring the edges it keeps the pixels completely square as if it was vector art.

    Is this possible in isadora?

  • Unfortunately all of the scaling methods use bilinear interpolation. There isn't an option for this type of scaling I'm afraid.

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  • Tech Staff

    You might be able to get close, by adding a Dither effect onto the scaled image.

  • Maybe there's a QTZ solution? I use core.

    My theory is that I can run a ton of tiny 50 pixel wide layers, mixed all together and then project that in HD.

  • I figured it out! I just made a QTZ file with a 'core image filter' where you can set the image filtering to 'nearest'.

  • Just started sketching and ran into the same issue while trying to create some visual feedback... it would be great to be able to select a scaling method for normal 'video' actors as well as 'image' actors via the preferences or the projector actor? I need to try this QTZ solution that is maybe the cheap fix.. but for pixel obsessed, it would be fantastic!