• hi all

    i'm looking for an hd lcd projector, price range around $2'000.
    any advice would be great.


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    How bright? What is the desired throw? 720p or 1080p?

  • The price changes on these, I got one for 2200

    It is basic but a nice beamer.

  • 1080p and as bright and high contrast as possible.  i want an lcd projector because i sometimes turn them sideways and i've heard dlp can develop problems with the color wheel. is this true?

    i've found this one:
    it has a wireless  hdmi hub (5020UBe). are wireless connection reliable? it would be nice to not have to lay cables...

    thanks for your help

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    If you're planning to use it in portrait you should be looking for a unit that specifically offers that. Even LCD units will be seriously damaged by the improper venting of heat if it is used in an orientation for which it was not designed.

  • This is 2400 lumens, this is ok for a small room (loungeroom) with a short throw 3.5- 4.5 and a small screen.

    Gives you a good idea.
    I personally would never trust consumer grade wireless hdmi in a show, especially if it is not even a dedicated unit but included as a bonus- run the cables but even that is not guaranteed.