Ingesting HD SDI to a Windows laptop....

  • Windows 7...

    So, I'm thinking of this product (or something similar):

    There's no mention of it being Quicktime compatible (I have an email pending), but it IS Direct X.  Best guess as to whether this will work with Isadora?

    I tried the BM Intensity Shuttle, without success. Any other thoughts as how to make this work on a laptop wit USB2, USB3, Mini Firewire and an Express Port?



  • No thoughts? @Mark?



  • Hi,

    on this page : [](
    they talk of directshow.
    Isadora uses directshow to capture in the windows version, so maybe you've got a chance...
    Do you have a price info for this product ?

  • Dear Hugh,

    I'm sorry that I didn't weigh in on this, but I simply don't know. I'm working day-in day-out right now on new Isadora features, and so it's a bit difficult to spend time researching this for you.
    Hopefully you found an answer.
    Best Wishes,

  • No problem, Mark!  I've actually found a good answer, with hints from @vanakaru. I've been meaning to post here, but am still wrapped up in the creation of the show.

    Basically, I bought a Matrox MXO2 Mini with ExpressCard to plug into my laptop and it works very well! If I want to also use it on my desktop production machine, all I have to do is buy the Matrox PCI card and then I have a solution that ports between any machine.  It also works PC to MAC, so it's very flexible!

    Matrox support is fantastic, by the way.  Quite expert and they don't keep you on hold forever.

    Hope this helps someone in the future.