Prime sense CARMINE 1.08 3D Sensor into Isadora

  • Has anyone used the Prime sense CARMINE 1.08 3D Sensor into Isadora? If so, any comments, and have you needed more than one to track a mid-sized stage? Looking to purchase one or the other and need a bit of advice...


  • Also, has anyone done a side by side comparison with the Kinect?


  • Dear Alex,

    Don't know anything about this one. Anyone else?
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  • It looks like they make the Kinect, but it's mac-friendlier, and possibly with greater range.

  • Izzy Guru

    Only just spotted this now. Interesting. A bit steep on the price but worth it if it does what it says.

  • Yeah, I hope so. I think we might give it a try, it looks more flexible than the Kinect. If I do, I'll give a report...

  • Got this response from the developer of Ni Mate on the VJ facebook page:

    [Julius Tuomisto]( Heh. Well the Carmine is the one to get if the price doesn't scare you. Technically the differences between the Carmine and the Kinect aren't that much (apart from the ability to use 60FPS at 320x240 for the Carmine - something the Kinect can't do at all), but practically it's far nicer because it doesn't require power like the Kinect does.

  • Contacted Prime Sense and got their specs here:
    But since the new Kinect's coming out on the 22nd and they said they aren't involved with it, I guess we can wait and see...
  • Beta Gold

    Thanks Alex. I'm also waiting for the new kinect to come out.....

  • Ok, now Apple's just bought Prime Sense. So I guess we'll have to wait to see what Apple does with that...
  • Izzy Guru

    Interesting - I wonder what will change now.

  • Okay, so the new Kinect looks amazing, but it's got a proprietary connection that even the support guy I talked to doesn't know what is, after he investigated further. It comes with a 3 meter cable but no option to extend it. The kinect also can't be bought separately. So it renders it pretty useless for any theatrical work, as there's no way for the kinect to be controlled from the booth, or even connect to a computer in the first place... maybe there'll be some workarounds in the future, but in the meantime...

    Here's a link to the abilities of the Kinect: