• hi, i am working on a kinect setting,
    playing videoclips depending on the visitors position in front of the projection. as smaller the clips are presented on stage, as more they should be able to move horizontal, but never disappear at the edge of the stage. at full screen presentation the clips position on the stage should not move at all. this is some math and logics about proportions ... who has an idea?
    thank you!!! alf

  • i forgot, the kinect part works fine, i am only asking for this proportion thing...

  • Izzy Guru

    Sounds to me like a scaling issue. Click on the white text of any actor and you can change the min and max values.

    There are two vids about it here:
    Let us know how you get on.

  • no i don´t get it. i guess its some twisted minus minus

  • Izzy Guru

    Are you using ni-mate or any other software for the data?

  • i use SinK. but the problem is not that. i just want to bring some random movements in. only 1 video at a time is really interactive, the 4 others are like "aquarium fishes" swimming around, depending on the SIZE: small video should move more, bigger ones less. thats all. now i am using 2 ENVELOPE GENERATOR, to move the small videos around, and a VALUE SELECT to switch to 0 "random" movements, when i have the selected layer on interactive from SinK. but that is not very beautiful.. instead a 0/1 switcher a PROPORTIONAL CALCULATOR would be much nicer. As more random movements as smaller size the clips are.

  • Beta Tester

    Limit Scale Value might do what you need.

  • yes of cause. this is my need for the 5 3d projectors, each:

    x (left/right) max= -2/+2,  at z (size) -10

    x (left/right) min= -0,1/0,1, at z (size) - 1,5

    for each layer i use two Limit Value Scalers:

    Limit Value Scale x: -2 bis 2

    Limit Value Scale z: -10 bis -1,5

    but how can i make it?

    THANK YOU i am blocked....