Multiple PS3 EyeCams with CL-Eye Platform driver on Windows

  • Hi,

    I am trying to get a number of webcams up and running in Isadora. They are the SonyPlaystation3 Eye cameras. One is modded to receive IR for tracking and the others are for visible light. I have purchased the multi-cam credits for the CL-Eye Platform Driver and registered the cameras. Isadora seems to be only seeing one of the cameras.

    Does anyone have any experience getting multiple SonyPlaystation cameras going using the CL-Eye Platform Driver on Windows. Any input would be appreciated.

  • Izzy Guru

    @fred might be able to help with this.

  • A little update. I contacted the CL folks and it would appear that their platform driver will only support a single camera, even if you have purchased the multi-cam licence. The licence enables multi-cam use with their api.

    "You would have to code an application with our API which either directly communicates the video data to the app or uses something like directshow pipeline which may already be supported in the app."
    Has anyone tackled this at all or would anyone have any input on how I might be able to tackle this?
    - J