• Okay, this may seem like a really simple question, but what mouse do you use or wished you used with Isadora? 

    I use a Nexus silent mouse, because I often work in theatre and during rehearsal, it's much better than a noisy clicky mouse, but the scroll wheel has an annoying progressive click quality to it (rather than a smooth flow if you know what I mean), so I can't get a refined position and often have to make the position calculation manually after ballparking it with the scroll wheel. I use the centre scroll wheel for Qlab, but haven't used it yet in Isadora. Any suggestions of how to use a mouse creatively - other than the mouse watcher of course - would be welcome, and I'd love to know if you have a favourite mouse. 

  • Dear Alex,

    I prefer the Apple Mouse -- this one: http://store.apple.com/de/product/MB112ZM/B/apple-mouse
    I like the scroll ball, even though it can sometimes get dirty which requires you to roll it on a piece of paper to clean it. But the feel is really good to me.
    Best Wishes,

  • I like Apple Mouse as well, but stuck scrollball drives me mad. Some times you can not get it clean at all and sometimes it works for scrolling one way and not the other. Concept is really great, but fingers are always too dirty for this tiny ball.

    I use Logitech LS1 UAS144 some times. It is the same size as Apple and has sideways scrolling. I am very picky about mouses generally and prefer multitouch trackpad most of the time.
  • Beta Tester

    I switch between an Apple Magic Mouse and a Wacom Intuos tablet depending on what mood my wrist is in.