IMPORTANT: READ ME! About Preloading and Safely Using the Preload Actors

  • Dear All,

    I've been getting crash reports in recent months that end up coming related to a misunderstanding or misuse of the various Preload actors. Part of the problem is that the way the Video Preload actor behaved in earlier versions (going back some time now) changed in v1.3.0f24.

    Everyone who uses Isadora should take the time to read this new knowledge base article:

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  • Izzy Guru

    Thanks Mark.

    I actually didn't know this bit myself:
    ** **
    **VERY IMPORTANT: **The Video Preload actor only works when the Movie Player that will play the movie has these settings:
    • The ‘position’ is 0
    • The ‘play start’ is 0
    • The ‘play length’ is 100
    • The speed is 1
    So I have learnt something myself this morning. EVERYONE should read the article for sure!

  • wouldn't it make sense, to have a ''flush' preload actor'? This might help preventing those 'load holes'.

  • @mark

    Dear Mark

    Hopefully I am posting this in the right place, as it relates to preloading. I am using Isadora 2.5.2, and have come across what I think is a bug. I am running a show where I need some tight cues, as they have to be in sync with a live orchestra. I have been using the Preload Scene actor. When I fired the cue (trigger step to next scene using the "Go" trigger) I got the video playing with two sound tracks, one slightly delayed. It took me a while to determine what was causing this. I found the following: If you are in a scene where you have a Preload Scene actor, and have triggered it, if you use the Hide Stage (Ctl G), and then the Show Stage (Ctl G), when you trigger the Go for the next scene, you get two soundtracks, one slightly delayed. I have tried it again, and if I do the same sequence it consistently happens. I think this is a bug, but would be welcome for a correction to the way I operating Isadora. In any case, it is dangerous, as if you do hide a stage to do a tweak, there is nothing to tell you that a preload will cause a problem