IMPORTANT: READ ME! About Preloading and Safely Using the Preload Actors

  • Dear All,

    I've been getting crash reports in recent months that end up coming related to a misunderstanding or misuse of the various Preload actors. Part of the problem is that the way the Video Preload actor behaved in earlier versions (going back some time now) changed in v1.3.0f24.

    Everyone who uses Isadora should take the time to read this new knowledge base article:

    Best Wishes,

  • Tech Staff

    Thanks Mark.

    I actually didn't know this bit myself:
    ** **
    **VERY IMPORTANT: **The Video Preload actor only works when the Movie Player that will play the movie has these settings:
    • The ‘position’ is 0
    • The ‘play start’ is 0
    • The ‘play length’ is 100
    • The speed is 1
    So I have learnt something myself this morning. EVERYONE should read the article for sure!

  • wouldn't it make sense, to have a ''flush' preload actor'? This might help preventing those 'load holes'.

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