USB Extender for live capture

  • Hi all

    I am a new user to Isadora but I am loving it so far!

    I have a project coming up where I want at least two video outputs, as well as a monitor for the system program (so 3 outputs really).

    My graphics card already has a DVI output and a HDMI output built into it. therefore I plan on using the HDMI for the program control monitor and a DualHead2Go on the DVI (to VGA) output to get two actual outputs on the stage.

    My question is.... I want to utilize video capture and the easiest way seems to be with my USB webcam. However, I want to be about 10m away from it! so does anyone recommend a decent USB extender that should do me? I'm assuming powered will be better.

    Thanks clever people.

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    It depends on your budget. I'm partial to this one by Gefen:
    If you don't want to spend that kind of money, this one should work:

    With the latter type of extender, you are going to want to insert a powered USB hub between the webcam and the extender cable such as this one:

  • I have used the active USB extenders like monoprice many times. These work without a problem 10m. I have used 3 of them daisy chained. While the powered USB hub may be beneficial I  have not needed it. These work fine without it.

    Be aware of cheap cat5>USB extenders. These are OK for mouse and keyboard, but can not handle video bandwidth. So if you want that then buy quality like Gefen.

  • I would recommend checking KVMSwitchTech. They offer a wide range of USB Extender solutions. I have used a few of their unit in the past and they worked well for my application.

  • Hi,

    I was using [belkin home base]( for using "far away" usb devices.
    It worked quite well for me. But I know that there are some limitations with to high res. cameras.

  • Thanks folks.

    For the price, I'll try a cheaper active one at first, and go from there!