• Hello.

    I'm in a project where I need to project a lot of text.
    This is an Opera and we want to project text from the play on the balcony with MadMapper and Isadora.
    Is there a easy way to input a lot of text divided in ques from a text file or a excel sheet?
    So if we need to edit the text, we only edit the script where Isadora is capturing the text from and I can choose which text block I want to use on certain que.
    Klaus Kottmann

  • Izzy Guru

  • Hello,

    I manipulate many text for show and the best way, for me, is a special Quartz Composer patch able to open and parse an XML text. With that I can have a very precise control on what Is screened. The only problem is you have to make your text in QC (size, place etc.) and send image to Isadora. It's possible to send text, but accent (like in french) are very badly interpreted between QC and Isadora.
    Mark, a data array with text? :-)
    or a XML paser?
    here is a sample of a QC patche, and an XML. I use it for a performance with multilingual subtitles
    Hope that help
    Jacques Hoepffner

    8dec99-xmlparsing.qtz.zip 8a3b52-chapitres.xml.zip