New Media Server-Mac or PC

  • I need to build a new media server for an upcoming production.  My current setup is a MacPro with Isadora Core.  DVI out -Triple head Matrox- to the projectors.  The projector edge blending is kind of a pain as I am using alpha masks inside Izzy with black faded shapes of "U" and "L" and am using the contrast adjust to dim down the overlap.

    I am curious should I try and replicate the current system or build something new.  Matrox has a graphic card that seems to do everything the triple head does and makes the calculations for the edge blending but it only works on PC. (I know I can "boot camp" it on a Mac but I am not that interested in doing that)  The brand new MacPros don't have DVI outputs only the thunderbolt outputs so if I go with Mac I will need to by adapters.

    I realize that if I go with a PC I would not be able to use the "Core" functions but I hardly ever use the "Core" actors anyhow.

    I would love to know what others are using or if you could build a new system what you would build.  Thanks everyone.

  • Dear DJProvost,

    I think you can go with the PC, with these caveats:
    1) Performance is much better with WMV/AVI movies than with Quicktime Movies. These movies are however limited by these factors:
    • They can't play backwards
    • Scrubbbing them (using the position input) is very glitchy
    These are limitations of the Windows OS "DirectShow" system.
    If you're just doing standard playback, these factors aren't an issue. But I wanted to mention it.
    Regarding the CI actors, FreeFrameGL support is coming very soon, along with a host of new features. That will give you the performance of the CI actors on Windows.
    So, with that in mind, I would say you can work on a PC.
    Best Wishes,