Panasonic WJ-FS216 Digital Multiplexer. Can Isadora control this?

  • So I have possibility to buy this unit very-very cheap. I do not want to collect useless stuff - half of my house is full of it already. It has some promising connections and uses Ethernet and RS232C interface. So I wonder how much trouble would it be to set up Isadora to control this unit. mostly I would be interested ability to switch between multiple cameras.

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    If it accepts serial either via RS232 or via some sort of serial over network protocol then it shouldn't be too difficult to control via Isadora as long as you have the manual to get serial syntax from.

  • No rs232 but a very simple Arduino sketch will do, take the ethernet model and you can have it with OSC.

    • Remote Control
    You can control the SEQUENCE, MULTISCREEN/QUAD SHIFT, and the camera selection buttons from a remote con-
    troller. These functions are activated by contact with the ground terminal (open collector output or normally open con-
    • Connect the ALARM/REMOTE connector (pin 23) to the ground terminal as shown below. Switches 1 - 16 select the
    cameras (they do not control the alarm input).
    • Any two or more switches closed at the same time will cause this unit to malfunction.
    • SEQUENCE is assigned to switch 17 and MULTISCREEN/QUAD SHIFT to switch 18.
    • When no operation is taking place, all switches except switch 19 must be open as shown below