Hey Isadora community,I'm new with using Isadora & currently working on my first project: I want to control parameters in Isadora with Control Voltages coming from a Eurorack Modular Synthesizer System via a DC-Coupled Audio-Interface.I habe already got some results, but figured out crashes, that led me to a general question: Is it normal that everytime I pull off the usb cable (to the soundcard), Isadora simply closes without any warnings, questions or report on the next startup?(I'm guessing a major problem in my system, that is also responsible for the "smaller" crashes...)Working on:- MBP, mid 2014, high sierra 10.13.6 - Motu Ultralite AVB, Firmware 1.3.4+617 (newest), USBSome ideas?Thx in advance!Lukas