• Hello,

    I'm sure its easy, but i can't seem to get it worked out: how to use Isadora Virtual Out as a MIDI controller in Ableton.
    anybody done this?

  • is this any help?

  • It was a video I did a long time ago so its not HD sorry....

  • Hi Excuse my poor english, I am french Well, i suppose you work with a PC, and not a Mac. Because it is simple on a Mac, due to CoreMidi. On PC, you have to find a virtual midi internal patcher. I founded one once, but i am not at home, and don't remember the name of the program... I will help as soon as I can. Francois

  • Good point; so I guess the main question is Mac or PC? I forget what all you users use - adding it in your signature helps :)

  • There are many virtual MIDI cables but this one works well on Windows:

    Didn't try it from Isadora to Ableton, though.

  • for this project, i'm on Mac. Skulpture - i followed your tutorial on Vimeo, but instead of playing MIDI files, i'm aiming to stream data over MIDI to control  parameters in Ableton, in the same way that a physical MIDI controller would do.

    i've linked the 2 together directly, but the only evidence of this doing anything is that when i set up Live to assign a MIDI controller number to a parameter (eg: volume fader of a channel) then go into Isadora and click on All Notes Off in the Communications menu, i get a random channel/number/pitch assigned to the parameter in Live.

  • It's the same just in reverse really. In fact will make a quick video for you @dbini


  • G - wrong way round. i need to send controller data from Izzy to Live, rather than listen for it, so i don't think a Control Watcher will do it.

  • I was thinking a Send Raw MIDI actor might be useful, but its not quite the right thing

  • The video is online but is only low quality at the minute - it will get better soon as YouTube process it:

  • works just as shown above

  • I've just updated the video with annotations too.

  • Awesome! - nailed it! i had forgotten about Send Control.

  • Great - glad you are sorted. Don't forget to change the Controller Number each time you add a new one. ;)

  • yeah - and set up all the Control Sends and activate them one at a time when MIDI Learning. i'm only looking at 6 controllers so it shouldn't get too complicated.

    thanks G, that's another pint i owe you...

  • you may find that to use a note as a control you will also have to send the note off with a small delay afterwards (Which can be just a send note with velocity set to zero).

  • now i'm trying to do the same thing on a WIndows machine: send MIDI control from Izzy to Ableton. Windows doesn't have the Isadora Virtual MIDI function, so does anyone know how i can do this?



    Might work - never used it but have it in my bookmarks. 

  • cheers Graham - loopMIDI works beautifully (


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