2.0.5 on Windows vs. Mac

  • Hi Folks, From a newbie, a very general question: in the latest version of Izzie, is there any difference in performance on a Windows machine vs. Mac hardware? (Comparing hardware of equivalent capabilities on the two platforms, assuming the running of the latest OS on each, and use of the preferred codecs on each platform.) I seem to recall that there was a difference, in Izzie 1.x, in the ability of the software to access the GPU on a Windows machine vs. on Mac hardware. I am looking for clarification on whether this difference has carried over to Izzie 2.0.x, or whether we can now assume equivalent performance on both platforms. Many thanks!

  • one thing that differs is that windows does not support any of the Qc Actors, which i use a lot. i also build many of my actors in quarz composer. also not available for windows.

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    Yes. Mac will be the more flexible platform as far as feature list. But video is equally gpu based on both platforms now. Ffgl support extends gpu features a lot and the new mapper supports full gpu processing on both platforms. Also the hap codec is gpu decompressed on both platforms. if you need external processing features like that of QC on Mac, you can now use the new gpu video sharing (spout) to share/process video with many environments like the free processing.org language. PCs offer cost savings on hardware as opposed to apple as well.

  • Thanks so much, DusX and gapworks! Very interesting to note that the video signal can be sent via Spout to environments such as Processing for additional QC-like manipulation. I'm looking forward to digging in again with this knowledge at hand!


  • I recently did a little investigating for an image processing setup on mac vs PC. In the end I found laptops with the same specs are pretty much the same price mac vs pc, but PC wins in towers every time and you can add and remove what you need and don't need and the price was much lower. If you buy a laptop it is more an aesthetic choice and for a tower go PC.

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    The last PC laptops I had to buy every three years a new one. Now on my first macbook I come to that "critical" three year boarder. This machine now behaves different, I hope it asts longer...a question to Isadora users here on the forum: how long are macbook users working with a machine before buying a new one?

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    @feinsinn I buy a new one every 3 to 4 years. Not because I have to ( they still work fine) but because I want to. Best Michel

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    And you get more money selling your old MacBook Pro compared to sell an old PC Laptop. Well at least in Switzerland.

  • I think I may save up and get one the end of next year - but try and time it so I get the newest version. You can generally predict when a new one is coming.

    This is really handy and usually quite reliable:

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    @Michel and @Skulpture thanx for your thoughts! When looking at Macrumors it says to wait for a Macbook Pro upgrade.  742c36-screenshot-2015-07-24-14.06.52.png

  • @Michel I don't know what the tax rate is in Switzerland but in the Netherlands it is around 23%, I looked around and a year old macbook pro sells for about 80% of its retail price. As I operate a business I can get the tax back from my purchase. So I sell my laptop every year (even if the new model is the same or close to it), I get 80% of the price of a new one, buy a new one for full price with tax, get my 23& tax back and every year I get a new laptop with only a very very small investment.

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    @Fred the tax rates are 8% in Switzerland. Your yearly upgrade sounds logic with that high tax rate. Best Michel

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    @Michel I completely agree with your thoughts, that you want to get a new machine every three-four years. Mine is working and I would get a good price at this moment. So I wait for an offer of a dealer that would take my old machine and give me a new for the money difference.

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