KinectV2 OSX

  • Hi, I did not compile the app for Yosemite, I don't have any machines with Yosemite still running. I will see if I get a chance to do it in the coming days and send it.

  • @Fred

    We updated to Sierra since we thought it might be a Yosemite issue.  Still showing only a black image on Sierra.  Do you recommend plugging the kinect to a PC and run SDK to do the handshake or what are we missing?


  • Your Mac mini does have usb3 right?

  • It does not have usb3. Only usb2 ports :I

  • The kinect V2 is a USB3.0 device, this is why it does not work. You may be able to use something like this
    if you dont need the thunderbolt port. Warning I have not tested this with the kinect.

  • Hello,

    Just a little bit of personal information/experience
    – I am working at the moment on an installation with a kinect V2, using only depth information. I use Processing with Open Kinect library on a mac, it work perfectly, precise and reliable. It possible to make the crunching number process in Processing and send the image to Isadora via Syphon. I tried to use a kinect V1 in supplement to have skeleton information, it works well but finally I doesn't need it.
    – In the last beta version of Millumin, you can plug kinect V1 and V2 and obtain depth informations and skeleton information on Mac (Millumin is Mac only). I know the people making Millumin but we are not "friends" and a little bit in concurrency on the software field., I am a little bit the "Isadora guy" ! But it's a proof its possible. Unfortunately, its very hard to output OSC from Millumin.

  • @Fred
    Thanks for the support!

  • @jhoepffner thanks for the info. I knew skeletons with v2 were coming on OSX but this is the first release implementation I saw. I checked out there latest nite and openni and see that it should all be working. I will have some time over the break to see if I can get this going.

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    I am in need of Kinect version 2 skeleton data in izzy. Ni-mate people sent me a beta that supposedly does that. NOT WORKING unfortunately,
    So, sadly I had to turn again to Touchdesigner under pc that allows plugging a kinetic v2 directly and has "soft" lines with gravity, elastoviscosity algorithms. etc,
    But my heart belongs to Izzy!

  • Hello,

    I just received my second kinect adaptors and i tried to plug two kinect V2 to my mac.
    It works with one usb3 directly on the mac and the other one through a caldigit thunderbolt box.
     No skeleton but depth information (my interest at the moment) perfectly usable.
    Unfortunately I must do all the computation and the image production in Processing because there is no way to pass it directly to Isadora.

  • @Armando there is also this: It is windows but will get you OSC of the limb parts, although at law check it was xyz only no rotations.

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    Thanks, @Fred, I'll try soon and report

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    @ Fred @ Mark, well, it is still under pc. And if I use a pc there is the free version of Touchdesigner plus and play skeleton and image with a Kinect v 2 that can stream oscars to anything. But If I do that I might as well gon on using Touchdeigne itself.... that is coming to Mac OS. Next weeks are going to be more difficult for izzy on Mac with Touchdesigner.

  • I use Touchdesigner on Mac since a month. No kinect for the moment but it's coming soon (I hope).

    And yes I think it will be a big chalenge for Izzy.

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    I have added Set up to share osc body parts and Spout over the video feeds. Windows only.

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    @ jhoepffner

    yes, thanks for telling me about the mac version I did my 2 last projects on Touch windows version. Although Touchdesigner is just a gui for python. Without python you don't do much in Touch. But for sure Touchdesigner for Mac is going to bring change and stimuli for Isadora. Although the beta is not free on the mac. But Kinect 2 works like a charm on Touch under windows. Actually better than the Kinect 1 (funny).

  • Armando,

    Peux-tu m'envoyer ton adresse mail actuelle, j'ai l'impression que celle de Noos ne fonctionne plus.

  • Hello! @Fred is there any new version of FRED_KinectV2_Syphon or a way to turn off the image output on the app?

    Wondering if we can kill the image so that the RAM does not slows down by having that image processing on the background.

    Any ideas?  Thanks! best

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