KinectV2 OSX

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    @ Fred @ Mark, well, it is still under pc. And if I use a pc there is the free version of Touchdesigner plus and play skeleton and image with a Kinect v 2 that can stream oscars to anything. But If I do that I might as well gon on using Touchdeigne itself.... that is coming to Mac OS. Next weeks are going to be more difficult for izzy on Mac with Touchdesigner.

  • I use Touchdesigner on Mac since a month. No kinect for the moment but it's coming soon (I hope).

    And yes I think it will be a big chalenge for Izzy.

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    I have added Set up to share osc body parts and Spout over the video feeds. Windows only.

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    @ jhoepffner

    yes, thanks for telling me about the mac version I did my 2 last projects on Touch windows version. Although Touchdesigner is just a gui for python. Without python you don't do much in Touch. But for sure Touchdesigner for Mac is going to bring change and stimuli for Isadora. Although the beta is not free on the mac. But Kinect 2 works like a charm on Touch under windows. Actually better than the Kinect 1 (funny).

  • Armando,

    Peux-tu m'envoyer ton adresse mail actuelle, j'ai l'impression que celle de Noos ne fonctionne plus.

  • Hello! @Fred is there any new version of FRED_KinectV2_Syphon or a way to turn off the image output on the app?

    Wondering if we can kill the image so that the RAM does not slows down by having that image processing on the background.

    Any ideas?  Thanks! best

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