• I am using Geco to input midi data to IZZ from a LEAP Motion.

    OS 10.11.3
    IZZ 2.1
    Geco 1.3.0
    Unusually every time i reopen IZZ it has defaulted back to 'none on the input ports even though Geco appears in the the available ports pull down.
    Any thoughts appreciated.
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    Do you want Isadora to remember the MIDI ports when you open the file?

  • Yes exactly.

    I have also observed that the same work which is outputting audio via HDMI to a flatscreen looses it's audio links when the macmini goes to sleep every night.
    One has to go inand out of 'sound output setup' for them to reset.

  • Hi Graham, I am wondering if it is possible to pick this thread up again.

    At present I am only sleeping this work daily so as to avoid the dropping of the Geco midi input but the HDMI audio output drops every day on sleep it seems.
    The show is only on for another 3 weeks so it is not a big deal but needless to say I would like to get on top of both these issues.
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    It's a tricky one this because these are preferences that often change every-time you use software to save them is not a common thing to do. 
    Saying that - Isadora can save video input settings. But of course this is not what you want.
    You have two issues going on here; the HDMi audio and the MIDI.
    Are you on Mac or Windows? I am wondering if an AppleScript may be handy here if your on Mac?

  • Thanks Graham

    As u say 2 issues
    The midi is odd because usually I find IZZ retains these settings on reopening.
    As to the HDMI i am a little stumped
    Yes MacMini
    OS 10.11.3 / IZZ 2.1 / Geco 1.3.0
    Given all things I suspect I will just leave it alone till the show finishes in a few weeks then try with an earlier version of the OS
    PS - Skyped with my longstanding pal Mike Hodgson in London at length yesterday. He first encouraged me to IZZ way back when and now I was filling him in on recent developments and telling him he must jump back in with Version 2 - Ah the wheel turns.