Multiple screen one over the other one with Tripple Head

  • Hi!

    I know it sound stupid but I can't find out how to configure my triple head to have my 3 projectors one over the other one as one big tall screen. Matrox Powerdesk doesn't seem to let me configure how my screen are connected together but maybe (and I hope) I missed something. I want to have Isadora use the 3 projectors as one.
    thanks for any help

  • Basically all the Matrox does is make one huge long (or tall) window. It does not see them as individual outputs. Despite the physical hardware being 2 or 3 outputs.

    What you need to do is change these settings in Isadora:

    There are other ways also using the crop and panner actor but this way is arguably the most common. 1f0f21-screen-shot-2016-07-26-at-09.13.19.png

  • Hi Graham,
    thanks for your quick reply. The problem I have is that I need to have one stage screened with 2 videpoprojectors (for technical reasons both of the projectors are one above the other). Because I use particles, I don't know how to have them on multiple stage. If you have any idea…
    all the best from Marseille

  • Would this work? I am basically using the virtual stage actor. Sorry if I have misunderstood your scenario.39e21d-screen-shot-2016-07-26-at-09.34.46.png

  • Hi again, yes it's working ! You're the best ! I never used this actor, now I understand what it is… It's a new era for me, I'm always amazed by the solution there is to any problem, cool ! now I can go back to work.
    thanks and have a great day ! all the best

  • You are most welcome. It's what we are here for.

  • Hi again, sorry to write again about the same thing but I feel something could be done better.

    This is how I did it (image attached) but it looks a bit complicated and I'm zooming in the image at the end and I'm affraid I'm losing resolution. What do you think ?
    all the best


  • Would this work?

    Unless your webcam has a very high resolution I think you will always lose quality/resolution as you are upscaling the video to fit a 1920*2060 size.


  • in fact, it could be done very simpler (in a macro) but I'l still oversizing the image… is there a better way ? Am I losing definition ? f69766-multiple-projector-simple.png

  • Tech Staff


    Sure you are loosing resolution, you are scaling an image to the double size of its source.
    Best Michel

  • Tech Staff

    You might also take a look at the 'chopper' actor.

    Also, assuming your using 1920*1080 your vertical size of 2060 seems wrong.
    If you want to not loose image quality, your source video should be  1920*2160, then cut into the 2 halves and run to the projectors.. 
    That would allow zero scaling, and would give you the best image quality (I suggest the chopper actor for the cutting of the image)

  • As @michel says this is the main issue in terms of quality "you are scaling an image to the double size of its source"

    If you can get a higher resolution camera this would help a lot. 

  • thanks to you for the help! the 'chopper' actor that @DusX advised looks like the best way to do it without complication. I was hoping to have a edge blending possibility in case the projectors I'm going to have don't have the option, is there a way to di it in izzy ? thanks again to you 3 for the help.

    all the best from Marseille

  • Tech Staff


    Yes that would be the "edge blend mask" actor.
    Best Michel

  • Oh ! that's great ! everything's possible, thanks !

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