Multiple outputs to CRT TVs

  • Hi internet!

    I've got an install project brewing that involves a whole bunch of old school CRT TVs in an array behind a music stage.  I'm hoping to have as finite control over them as possible through Izzy.  This means that I'm looking to use all 6 stage outputs, but I only need each one to be 640x480\.  I'm trying to figure out the best combo of hardware for this setup.  Now I could just build a big desktop with 6 cheap little video cards in it, output VGA and then get 6 VGA to composite video adapters to get down to the TV's level.  BUT, that sounds like a big pile of mess with a lot of possible points of failure.  What I'd ideally like is some sort of specialized video card with 6 composite video outputs via BNC jacks on the back of it.  I'm thinking something like that must exist somewhere.  Perhaps in the security camera industry?
    However, I have had no luck finding one.  Anyone seen a card like this?  Or have other thoughts on how to attack this?
    Thanks in advance!
  • Tech Staff

    I would likely use two Matrox Triple heads to go.

    each can easily handle 3x 640x480 outputs.
    You could probably even use a Matrox Dual head to go, with 2 triple heads attached if you only have one Display port out. The total resolution you are after is pretty low, so this shouldn't be to much of a strain.
    You are looking at 3840 width (640x6), and assuming mini display port, can handle this if running version 1.2
    " the Mini DisplayPort can drive display devices with resolutions up to 2560×1600 ([WQXGA]( "WQXGA")) in its DisplayPort 1.1a implementation, and 4096x2160 ([4K]( "4K resolution")) in its DisplayPort 1.2 implementation. "