Automatice controling a camcorder with isadora

  • Hallo everyone,

    I was wondering if it is possible to control a camcoder or similar external camera via Isadora, so that it in different cycles zooms automatically in and out. Means that I can create a scene where it takes i.e. 10sec for the camera to zoom in and out (in another one maybe 20sec) and that it repeats that constantly on it's own?
    I would be super happy about any ideas to this topic also experiences with other ways!


  • @bruper: didn't you do this with lego?

  • Hello,

    I made that for a project in Belgium, using the lanc input on Sony camera with an Arduino (you can found how to do it in the Arduino playground) but it's not very precise and you have no return, because of the internal zoom motor.
    Another way with a real zoom would be to put gear on the zoom ring (search follow-focus devices) and use a servo-motor to move the ring, also with Arduino.
    You can communicate from Isadora to Arduino with OSC.

  • Dear @dbini
    I did a computerised motion control with the hardware of a Mindstorm from Lego which is using the language nxt-g.
    Unfortunately I was never able to command it from Isadora
    (See old posts). I think the solution given by Jacques with Arduino is better as it is ready made.

  • Hey everyone,
    thank you very much for the replies. jhoepffner I alctually ordered an Arduino now, always wanted to work with them so I will give it a try! I also thought about maybe controling the zoom buttons on the camera though the arduino moving a mechanical switch left and right. Maybe that would be possible... If I find a nice solution, especially a software one where Izzy could be involved, I will let you know!
    Anyways, thanks for the input!
    (By the way sorry for the late reply, my email notification was off and I didn't notice...)

  • Hello Ariane,

    Have you heard about this ? :
    That allows you to control your camera through a SDI cable and this new gadget in the link above.
    The only problem is that you have to buy a Blackmagic camera like this one :
    Still affordable but , lenses make sometimes increase the price.
    Hope that can help.