• Hello,

    I'm playing with some dynamic text. When i render direct to stage, there is no problem, but when i render through a Virtual Stage, with the text at certain angles, anything over 8 letters long doesn't render properly. see the attached screenshot. any ideas? (2.4.5b16 on Mac OS 10.11.6)


  • Izzy Guru

    Just wondering if the z translate helps? I see its set to -2.5 and I wonder if it's something like -10 does it improve it?

  • Tech Staff

    looks like it might be a 'render back' or 'depth test' type thing.

    Does changing the rotation, so the right side is forward change the output? I wonder if it isn't behind some sort of plane.
  • Tech Staff

    I would also recommend using Text Draw (GPU based)

    Is there a specific reason you need Text/ure ?

  • @Skulpture - I just tried out the same patch without changing anything and today there's no problem. I'll let you know how I get on.

    @DusX - I'm using Text/ure with a Counter to switch through lines of text. what's the method for doing this in Text Draw?

  • you can use javascript to parse the text lines and then text/draw, here is a part of a script for subtitles

        var TC = read(myFile);//read the file
        if (TC.charAt(2)=="0"){//if line break is Unix or Mac (/n or /r)
          var lineBreak = TC.charAt(1);
        else {
          var lineBreak = "\r\n";//if line break is Window
        //var TC = arguments[0]; //full SRT text
        var TCParaph = TC.split(lineBreak.concat(lineBreak)); //split the SRT in paragraphs

  • thanks Jacques, but you lost me there. the text is going to be pretty simple, so i've rigged a Sequential Trigger to a bunch of Text Actors running into Text Draw.

  • I am a complicated person…