User actor: maximum value of user output

  • i'm working on a patch with multiple audio files.  today i've added some more files and have again noticed something happening in a user actor.

    the included image is the user actor.
    my observations are to do with the user outputs.  each time i add more media i have to add a new user output so that the maximum value at the user output is equal to the maximum value being set by media count actor.
    i have included another image, for when the media count actor is outside of the user actor.
    fortunately i'm working in a very low pressure environment currently so i have time to modify the user output. if however i was in a high pressure environment i would hope for the max value of the user output to follow the media count value (maximum value of the counter).
    i don't think that this is a problem, more a case of i've seen this happening.
    one other thing.  the user output maximum values are not edittable once they are set. ie output 2 in the diagram is currently showing a maximum value of 194\. if i add more media, the value remains at 194 and is not changeable.
    can i do anything to resolve this ?

    a9c760-maximum-in-user-output.tiff 0b1e5f-maximum-in-user-output2.tiff

  • Izzy Guru

    Are the user outputs scaled to just MIN and MAX?

  • sorry skulpture i'm not quite sure of the meaning of the question.

    what i can remember seeing is the user output when not connected as min and max and after connection adopts the min and max of the counter.
    this isn't really a problem in itself but it's when the user actor is closed and i have to reconnect the new outputs, i have 5 instances of this user actor.

  • Dear particlep,

    The reason for this is that the Counter actor changes its output range each time you change the maximum value. (Click on 'output' to see the Limit Min/Limit Max values in the inspector.) In lots of cases this is what you want. But to avoid that scaling in the future, just add a Calculator actor that adds 0 to the incoming value. The Limit Min/Limit Max of the output of the Calculator actor will not change (they will be MIN and MAX). Set the User Output range to MIN and MAX too. Then should get the behavior you expect.
    Best Wishes,

  • thanks mark, that's done the trick :)