Lags, dropouts and other strange behavior when clicking into a scene

  • This one really has me stumped.  I've had some odd behavior upon clicking into a scene. Sometimes it will hang, and then activate the scene 10 seconds later, sometimes it will activate the scene immediately but movie player actor will either be greyed out or just won't play, sometimes when two movie players are in the scene, both will play for about 5 seconds, then one will cut out, but the other will continue playing. I've had several crashes as well, but it's never opened the crash report dialog.

    I can't seem to pinpoint a problem scene, actor, or file, as the scenes that are effected are not always the same ones. I've included a screen grab vid of what's been happening. A restart of Isadora is necessary to remedy, but the problem returns after a few minutes.  Anybody experiencing anything like this?
    I'm on a mac mini i7 with 16 GB RAM, using ver 2.5\.  Not really doing anything too taxing, as you can see in the video, pretty much just standard audio playback...
    The video can be found [HERE](
  • Tech Staff

    Please file a support request, and one of us will try to solve this down for you. Link is in my signature.

  • we experienced the similar issues like knowtheatre- movies won't play, sometimes yes but no audio, sometimes it stops half way.  audio did some white noise and the video stopped (we use 2 tv's) probably we solved by using ac3 audio codec for the hdmi 5.1 surround. now we still have unregular scene behavior but no white noise so far- will fill out the bug report.

    thanks so far

  • Well, after playing a bit more and trying it out on another computer using ver. 2.4.5b20, and I experienced no unexpected behavior.  So it looks like it is a problem solely with 2.5.  However, I don't seem to have the dmg of 2.4.5 anymore, and I can't find that link anymore.  Could you provide a link so I can downgrade to the previous version to get me through tech weekend?