Intermittent flashes of black during HAP avi playback (Directshow)

  • I'm using the newest 2.5 beta - my project consists of many scenes with video (1 x 1920x1080 HAP encoded AVI file in each scene). The HAP video clips all have embedded ACC audio. 
    First off, I notice a great improvement in playback especially at start of video and also when I switch between scenes - much better than if I encode my HAP videos with audio as Quicktime (mov). So this is really exciting for 2.5!
    However, I'm now experiencing lots of intermittent flashes of black during playback - less than a second each - but really noticeable.
    I'm playing the files off a solid state drive and my spec on two different PCs is pretty good (see below).
    Has anyone else experience this?
    Does anyone know of a current issue or workaround?
  • Izzy Guru

    Is the black flash at specific times in the video or random?

    Just thinking is the file in question glitchy and need exporting again? 
  • Tech Staff

    Yes. I wonder what you used to make the Hap avi's?

  • Izzy Guru

    @DusX wasn't there an issue with what software you use to export to HAP?

  • Tech Staff

    I have only had success with Sony Vegas (any of the versions) and virtualdub

  • I installed the codec from

    Then I sucessfully rendered out all my 80 HAP files all with audio and some with alpha using After Effects CS6.
    The glitches (black flashes) don't always happen. And sometimes the whole sequence plays right the way through without any black flashes. But always after I've played the sequence through a few times back and forth (as I have interactive elements)  the video playback become glitchy - but never the same bits of the video so it's random. Could it be when Isadora drops a frame then it shows black instead of just hanging for a frame or so?
    I've also noticed my stage occasionally goes black completely and then the software crashes and becomes non responsive.  (I then have to ctrl + alt + del to get out) 
  • Tech Staff

    Please submit a support request (link in my signature) and I will have a look at your files.

    Since this is a new codec that is being supported I suspect its file related, but its best to work through it in support.
    If you can share some of the videos, please provide a download link in the support request.

  • @DusX ok, I've sent report via the link

  • Tech Staff

    Yes, I have the ticket and your hap files. Running a number of test now.
    Expect an update to the support ticket soon.

  • Izzy Guru

    I'd be interested to hear the result of this also :)

  • hi man, 

    I am not sure whether your problem is the same as  I encountered  before,  I also encountered AVI and the system can not be compatible,it is always splashing when I play video, and it is similar to "I'm playing the files off a solid state drive and my spec on two different PCs is pretty good " and then I found an article is to solve the AVI compatibility issues, You can take a look, may be helpful to you

  • Yes, there is a problem with the way isadora grabs the texture, I use a flip actor after the movie player but dont flip anything and it works fine. I made a bug report some time ago but it got no attention. Also you will find that you can only load 75 times and then Isadora will crash. Mark made a fix but the load took several seconds so it was unusable. Just restart Izzy before your show as long as you dont have 75 scene changes with video you are ok. I am using it now and apart from Izzy messing up, the underlying HAP AVI direct show performance is great.

  • @DusX I have been in contact with renderheads, thier codec is aritight and was tested thouroughly for production. Several other high end workflows are relying on it, there is no problem with the codec, the render heads codec is onyl used to give encoding capability. The issues lie with Isadora, I have been in touch with Mark about this, hopefully after the werkstat he can get this running properly. To be honest HAP Direct show playback gives Isadora the best capability for the future, the best performance I have seen on windows.

  • Hi, I know this topic is old but I was wondering if this issue with HAP avi was now resolved with version 2.6?

  • @deluxercor

    I am 99% sure it is resolved. @DusX and @Fred please verify, and then I'll renamed the topic as [SOLVED].

    Best Wishes,