• Hey lovely community! 

    A feature that I'd love to be somehow hard-coded into Isadora would be an ability for scenes to be activated by their scene name which would correspond to a lighting cue. Isadora can already receive lighting cues through a midi to USB converter and the Midi Show Control Watcher. I built an actor that activated scenes (pictures attached) but it was very time consuming to have to keep adding to the control actor every-time we added a new scene. 

    And of course if there's already a better way to do this I'd love to know!

    This is how I kept the master updated where each scene was.

    Where I put in the light cues that corresponded to my video cues (The broadcaster was for deactivating any activated scenes)

    The inside of my master user actor.

  • Have you heard of jumpbyname plugin? It allows you to use the name of the scenes to correspond to a cue sent by midi show control. A gentleman posted info on this here. 


    He has one for windows and mac. I use it all the time.


  • Tech Staff

    I also use JumpByName, and would highly recommend that you look into it. My advice to you is to also put a toggle button in your Control Panel that allows you to "ignore" the lighting board's incoming MSC (by controlling a gate) so that you don't accidentally get "dragged around" inside your own Patch when somebody goes to a different light cue while you're in the middle of programming.

  • Yeah, I've been using jumpbyname for years. It's been awesome. I usually disable the midi while editing.