• Dear all

    I am planning a performance, where an actor uses a small battery-powered wireless camera to film the mouth of another actor on stage, who is performing his text. The movement of the mouth is then projected on the stage. I am now looking for a small camera device (mind. 480x640, better more), which is battery powered and has a wireless connection (20m, indoor) and which has such a low delay, that the voice of the actor is more or less synchronized with the movement of his mouth on the projector. I am working with Isadora on Win7 and I would prefer a USB connection, if possible.

    Does anybody have any experience with this type of problem and can give me some hardware or technology suggestions or links to related products? I am interessted in camera, wireless device, receiver and converter to USB and I am based in Switzerland Europe.

    I saw some topics about wireless cameras, but they seam to be 4-5 years old, so I am interessted, what current solutions look like.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Kind Regards

  • @merni hey, i have used a few of varying quality, go for 5ghz and your best source these days is a drone specialist. A lot of the drone gear is long range and modular, you can pick and choose feature, cameras transmitters to get the setup you need.

    The all in one wireless spy camera things you will find on eBay are not so good and subject to a lot of interference. Stay away from 2.4 GHz if you can. I went through a lot of these on a long running show and it was a pain. The static and interference was very welcome in this shows aesthetic so i got away with it. If you need a clean image these will not help you much.