• I keep looking at my scenes and can't understand (I'm sure it must be simple) why my scene jumps back from the second scene to the first after entering. Then, when the first plays again the cue moves on perfectly, without jumping back.

    Scene 1


    Scene 2

  • Tech Staff

    I thing I see is that you are using a rather complex way (although perfectly functional) of adding a time delay to your jump actor in scene 1.
    You should take a look at the 'trigger delay' actor. (enterscene trigger -> trigger delay -> jump)

    I don't see any other Jump actors or anything that might cause an unexpected scene change.
    Although, you are activating a background scene, so perhaps something is in "BUZZ.."

  • @DusX

    I finally just cut and pasted the elements into a new scene and they worked fine, so I'm wondering if there was something having to do with a competing set of fades I may have accidentally made between the scenes--one in the jump actor and one in the scene transition panel at the bottom of the frame. I'll pull in the Trigger Delay actors and make things simpler as well :)