Best aspect ratio for wide building face projections

  • More of a general question. I get the feeling 16:9 is more preferred but figured I'd ask this very informative and savvy community! For this particular project the building is wider than it is tall, and will just involve one flat surface of the building. Here is a pic too!

    Thanks friends! 

  • Sorry looks like the image didn't originally come through. This is my first time posting on the forum, my apologies for my luddite nature. 🐌

  • @renalien I guess the game is trying not to waste pixels. There are some 1.9:1 2k projectors out there that may come closer to this aspect.

  • yes a cinema beamer is best option, btw your big issue will be the street signal near the door, ask for a temporary removal ;-)

  • Yes, had the same thought! Thank you! 🌝

  • @Fred

    Gotcha, good to know! I think they already have the projectors they plan to use, I unfortunately wasn't given those specs. So was trying to figure out what would be the easiest and most familiar aspect ratio to work with. Thanks for the info!!

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