Splitting 1 stage across 3 display outputs?

  • Hey All,

    Perhaps I have overlooked the obvious but what I want to do is split one "stage" across 3 different display outputs (3 projectors).  Ultimately I will tackle the edge blending of these projectors as well but for now I'm just curious how to get my content split across three separate outputs.  My mac tower has two video cards (6 VGA out) and I intend to use them all for the show I'm working on (a 3 projector split image, a top down projector, and a plasma screen, plus a local monitor).  
    I know this must be simple but I just can't seem to figure out how to do it.  As always any advice is much appreciated.
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    Just feed an image into a few chop pixel or chopper actors with different settings.

  • Here's an example patch to get you going.0c51df-split-movie-thirds.izz

  • Hey Mark,

    Thanks a lot for the example.  We got some stuff going here and it's working fairly well!  We're really excited about the potential with this new rig we've got (everything has been working great).  We're bringing a very cool technician to work with us on the final build of the show who is quite a bit more experienced with the software than our house crew (although we're learning quickly).  I've attached an image of what we have now for your interest:

  • Dear Phi,

    Wow! That looks fantastic. I'm glad my example helped.
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