Build a PC tower for an optimum use of Isadora Win version

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    Hi everyone!

    For an upcoming show, I plan to build a custom PC tower to run with Isadora.

    Here are my needs for now : 2 inputs for FHD cameras (wireless with Teradeck kits), to play in 4 outputs (2x2 projections areas), so it means 2 different FHD video streams for 2 separated projection areas made of 2 beamers each.

    Possibly with soft-edge, but not sure (cause the "screens" are strand curtains)

    For now each couple of beamers is made with identical devices but might be different from the other (with potentially different resolutions as well).

    And of course, as we play live captured streams, with the audience quite close from the performers and from the screens, I'd need the less latency possible.

    According to you, what would be the best hardware config to do that?

    Thanx for your answers, all the best, Maïa

  • Salut,

    For using 4 outputs :

    4 is the max amount of outputs supported by modern Nvidia GPUs.

    That means you have no output for a Control/patch screen.

    In that kind of case, I would advice to use only one output at 4K, and use a datapath Fx4 SDI to split the signal.

    If you use the DisplayPort input, you can feed it with 4k up to 60 fps, and have 4 x SDI 1080p60 outputs. That means no converters, and no cable length problems.

    @mark : can we imagine having new options in the stage settings to add Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right as " one click " options ?

    For the capture, I would advice Blackmagic Duo 2 cards. Not perfect, but fully compatible with isadora.

    Then I would advice SSDs of course for system & medias.

    I would avoid PCIe SSDs, as on most of actual motherboards you won't have enough PCIe lines to run GPU + SSD + capture card at full speed ( in most cases, it will allow your GPU to run at 8x only ).


  • Merci Medhi :)

    If I undersatnd well, I play one 4K output, and in the Stage Preferences splitt it to map my 2 differents inputs wherever they might be?

  • @keftaparty you can use an mst hub to get 7 outputs from an NVIDIA card. No tricks needed and lot cheaper than a data path. Just remember they have display port outputs. Each output will be seen as a discreet monitor.

    @maiami i would think to the future a little. Look at investing in a 1080ti, I also went for 4 ssds in raid 0 for media playback, again as future proofing. For capture I got a Blackmagic duo 2, but I hear good things about the new series of magewell cards and there are some multi input options. So far the system I built has been the best system I have owned and performs well. I also switched to hap encoded AVI for playback.

    If this is a one off and you are close to the Netherlands I could arrange rental...

  • @Fred : thank you, the rental is not an option on this project, built in a National Theater for a long period, but thanx for the offer :)

    About the hardware : what CPU, what RAM did you get? Or would preconise?

    About the capture : what latency had you? (I saw your test in another post but it was not the machine, was it?)

    I also would be interested in your feedback about the Izzy Windows version (I asked Mark whom tipped me to ask you so...) : is it for

    you as achieved as the Mac version?

  • Hi, @Fred  , I totally agree with you about the MST Hubs.

    I was pointing the Datapath solution as I find it being the most "comfortable one ", even if it's of course more expensive.

    I have been talking with @maiami about this project before she posted the question here. They will need to run long SDI cables to the beamers etc...

    I find the Datapath solution nice because you get direct SDI outputs, that you can mirror easily to control screens, no adapters, no extra converters etc... Also as the solution needs to be " touring ready ", the datapath is ready to be rack mounted.