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    I was looking for some info about "Morphing" in Isadora.
    Is it possible to do visual "morphing" in Isadora, similar do solutions in after effects?



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    @inst said:

    info about "Morphing" in Isadora


    I wanted to respond to this because I think it might be a promising feature request to suggest a 'bezier shape' and 'bezier line' actor that facilitates 'morphing' and 'tweening'.

    There is already the potential to simulate 'morphing' curve points and handles using the 'IzzyMap' publishable parameters. And when there is the option in the future to route the IzzyMap output through a virtual stage, more compositions will be possible with this feature. But a simplified stand alone actor that automates shapes between 'pose' states would be a great addition to Isadora. The current 'Shapes' actor is one of the pillars of drawing in Isadora and having a companion morphing 'bezier shapes' actor would be amazing for many compositions.

    video capture: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7dzs...

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  • Hi bonemap,

    thanks for your feedback.

    Well what I am expecting from a morphing feature, is that there is an alternative transition from one video to an other one.

    So that video A morphs characterstics to a video B. So instead a crossfade, a morphing transition.



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    @inst said:

    alternative transition from one video to an other one

     Hi fränk,

    Very different to what I 'imagined'! not surprising as I am working on spline based animation techniques in After Effects at the moment. But your comments triggered an idea for me which is great.

    I don't know that there will be any other responses to these ideas, because it is just another idea and without a lot of Isadora community interest or support, in my experience, it is unlikely to see the light of day. From my perspective, the strength of the Isadora application is its ability to render a video output in real time, I would have thought that crunching through a morph filter between video frames is unlikely to be achieved as a realtime effect. Particularly as the standards for video format resolutions continue to increase. After Effects does not manage to playback many of its unrendered video filters in real time as far as I know.

    However, morphing curves and vectors in real time is a possibility in Isadora, and exists already in the IssyMap feature. Getting a stand alone actor or plugin that morphs lines and/or shapes through spline handles would open up a lot of new real time animation possibilities within Isadora.

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    Well shucks. Now I want both of these things. Neat patch @bonemap !

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