no MIDI messages from Korg KAOSS DJ controller

  • hello everybody.

    i am having a strange problem with a Korg KAOSS DJ midi-controller.

    with or without the Korg MIDI driver installed, the controller shows up in the Midi Setup window of Isadora (2.6.1) but i cannot get any midi messages from it.

    this in on Win 10. On the mac (el capitain) the controller is visible in the systems Audio/MIDI setup, but Isadora doesn't see it at all.

    i updated the Kaoss DJ firmware to the latest with no result.

    we are kind of 'off-topic' here as I got the same behaviour (listed as device but not receiving midi from it) in SuperCollider (tested only in Win 10).

    still I have some hope that some of you have news about this problem.



  • Tech Staff

    Hi there,

    Could you please check at Windows > Midi Status or you don't receive any kind of MIDI ? It could be that your MIDI controller is sending something else then a note.

    - Juriaan

  • Tech Staff

    I suggest trying

    You can use it to help see what is being sent by the controller. Once you can see if messages are being recieved and how they are structured you can determine how to recieve them in Isadora.

  • i know what midi messages the Kaoss DJ sends (it's in the manual, mostly control and note-on). other midi controllers I use (arturia mini lab) work out of the box.

    it must be related to Korg using a different MIDI implementation.