​Multiple live feeds on thunderbolt 3/USB C

  • Hi, 

    I'm looking at connecting 3-4 identical cameras (HDMI) simultaneously to a 2018 maxed-out 13 in MacBook Pro. 

    All solutions considered, either multiple boxes or an all-in-one. 

    Thanks for your advice

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    I'd try to use hardware to combine the feeds into one input (security camera style) and then use Chopper actor to get the quadrant that you want.

  • @mr__jules

    You have a few options, the quad split is a good idea, but requires all cameras to have the same resolution and frame-rate, also as these cameras need to be frame sync there will be extra delay while the quad splitter (multi-view) does this. It also means that with more than one camera you are limited to 960*540 per input.

    Most likely, to get any reliable cable length you will want to convert to SDI anyway, HDMI over 5 m can work, but the cables are expensive and cannot be repaired and generally unreliable enough that you don't want them in a show.

    You can also go for an external pcie enclosure and put a quad capture card in it. I use a blackmagic decklink duo 2 (https://www.blackmagicdesign.c...) it gives up to 4 inputs or outputs (configured in pairs). There are also some external pcie boxes with multiple pcie slots..

    Beware of cheap quad splitters, a lot of them will not actually give proper refresh rates on the output and although they can be viewed on a screen they cannot be captured. There are quite a few when you search HDMI multiview, but if you use one make sure you can test and send it back.

    Either way you are looking at investing some money-

    DeckLink Duo 2 - €435

    4x HDMI to SDI convertors - €130

    OWC Mercury Helios Thunderbolt 3 PCIe Expansion Chassis €250

    But a single capture box (especially one that can do 50/60hz) and a quad splitter will come close (I will stick to 3g capable gear)

    UltraStudio HD Mini €435

    Blackmagic Design MultiView 4 Hd €185

    4x HDMI to SDI convertors - €130

    Not much between the 2 options and the multi-view setup (although smaller) is going to give more delay and be a lot less flexible (as well as limiting your resolution to 960*540 per camera.

  • @fred Many thanks. Most useful