[SOLVED] how to avoid inputs to macros being fired when entering scene ??

  • when a scene is entered , all numerical inputs (and on/off inputs) to user actors or macros send their current value (or the init value if set) to the actors inside the macro.

    this is sometimes very annoying, as one might choose to use a numerical value as a trigger too. it would be marvelous to have the option, as an alternative to the initialize option in the small scaling window.

    meanwhile and urgent: What can be the most ecologic workaround ? I hate to think that many of the inputs need a gate that initializes off and goes on after a delay.

    for clarity i attach a macro that increments a value , sadly every time you enter the scene.

    accumulator macro.iua

    thanks for considering


  • Tech Staff

    Hmmm, this is something that I'm also curious about. It is weird behaviour for sure.

    Workaround at the moment :

    - Put a 'User Actor On / Off' component in your patch. If you wish to change one of the parameters put the User Actor On / Off to on, when you are done put it on "Off"

  • Tech Staff

    The On/Off user actor is useful particularly for updating Global values when there is a Global Send and Receive in the scene at the same time. (turn on an user actor to Get the Global Send Values)

    If you need to block other values from being sent thru on enterscene, creating an user actor is probably your best current option.

    (init the Gate to Off)

    This will always work, because 1/1000 of a second is always used by the time of the next pass.

  • Tech Staff

    I've also run into this: https://community.troikatronix...